About me

young nurseIMG_5553

What can I say about myself?  I am a re’tired’ nurse who is re- learning to enjoy ‘real’ life at the moment.  What is real life?  It is life without shift work and 12 hour shifts.  It is conversations without ‘What are you working?’, Did you sleep?, When are you off?  It is about going to sleep at night and having breakfast in the morning.  It is about not being tired all the time and drinking pots and pots of coffee to stay wake.

So how is retirement so far?

I haven’t travelled the world yet.   In fact, I haven’t even travelled out of the province.  Life is pretty mundane.  But I have had time to have a mini ‘nervous’ breakdown.  I deserve it after all the years of upside down living, caring for others’ bodily and psychological functions.  And I have survived to tell about it.

Ask me in a year’s time how it is.  Two months is too early to say anything, except I am luxuriating in the no scheduled life.


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